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Technology Solutions For the Heavy Duty Aftermarket




At the Kuo Consulting Group,we focus on delivering digital and data solutions to the heavy duty truck parts aftermarket – helping manufacturers and warehouse distributors propel their businesses forward.  And we operate as needed on a project basis, leading your team from strategic selection all the way through implementation.


Many companies in the truck parts industry know they need to upgrade their systems and processes to stay competitive. However, they don’t always know what solutions are available. They just don’t have the time. And they ultimately throw away money trying to learn on the fly.


Our team specializes in assisting your company with your ERP or e-commerce systems, trading partner connectivity or CRM programs — and even business analytics, inventory management and online marketing and social media.


Successful companies understand they have many challenges, but prefer to outsource these projects to the Kuo Consulting Group. We can help you determine the areas of your business which may require an updated technology solution, and then help you implement and integrate these solutions with your current staff and systems. This leads to a quicker return of investment and a lower solution cost.


Retain the Kuo Consulting Group on a project basis and maintain the ability for you to focus on your company’s core competencies. In addition to saving on costs related to the hiring process — including high salaries and benefits required to attract IT professionals — your company will reduce time allotted to training and educating new employees on the truck parts aftermarket or on existing industry-based solutions.


Keeping up with the best practice in our industry requires knowledge, experience and relationships, something the Kuo Consulting Group has specialized in for almost 20 years. As we integrate our strategies and solutions into your daily operations your business will become nimble, flexible and more effective in the ever-changing world of digital and data technologies.


For more information about the truck parts aftermarket digital and data experts at the Kuo Consulting Group, or to schedule a customized consultation, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.780.8112.